My Garden Shed

garden shed

We started small with our garden but as months past I had other ideas.

When Covid hit and we went into lockdown for the first time I shared some ideas with Mike and the next thing you knew we were expanding.

We added more in-ground beds for both flowers and vege, put a border around the space and filled all the in-between spaces with road base.

Before all of this I had a greenhouse near our garden, it was filled with seedlings that were about to be planted until we were hit with a huge storm and high winds and my greenhouse and everything in it got blow away.

We upgraded to a what we thought would be a stronger greenhouse and the same thing happened.

For now, I have given up on a greenhouse, although I have found a perfect spot for a new one.

I still needed something to store all my gardening tools, fertilisers, and everything else I have collected.

After a lot of research on google we bought the ‘Richmond Cedar Shed’ from Landera.

Easy to assemble, it took Mike and I about 4-5 hours to put together.

I added shelving from Bunnings, got myself organized, and I never thought I could love a shed so much.

#fakefarmer is looking the part

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inside garden shed