Semi Dried Tomatoes

I've never been  a big fan of semi-dried tomatoes but with the huge harvest we have had this season I thought I'd give them a go.

I have to say little piggy snorted them, they were that good.

We ate them on toast, we added them to salads and we ate them straight from the jar.

With the oil left over I made a pasta and tossed through the oil.

I used our dehydrator, you could you your oven.



Dried basil

Dried oregano



olive oil

garlic clove

sprig rosemary

whole chilli

basil leaves


slice the tomatoes, roughly 1/2 cm thick

lay on trays and season with dried herbs, salt and pepper

set the dehydrator at 140 degrees and dehydrate for between 5-6 hours tuning once half way through.

Fill a jar and cover with olive oil

you can add anything you like to the oil. I added a peeled clove of garlic, a birds eye chili, sprig of rosemary and a few basil leaves.

Store in the fridge.

This will be a regular staple in our household.