Our Lounge Room - What we love and don't

A lot of the bits and pieces used to style our lounge room, we already owned.

All the furniture is new.

I received a lot of messages asking where our furniture was from, especially our lounge. Sorry to say we love all the pieces but not happy with the lounge. I'll share more below.

*note none of this is sponsored, we did receive a 20% discount on our lounge*


We chose the 'Simple coffee table in Recycled pine, bleached from Bisque Traders

The two stump side tables are from Bodhi Living

The round coffee tables are raw elm cluster tables. These come in 6 sizes we bought the small and medium from Clo Studios

The rug is from Cactus Hill Project.

Now for the lounge. This saddens to say it, but we are so disappointed. I won't bore you with all the details and I don't like bad mouthing businesses but our experience was not a good one. 

I had to have a Khaki lounge, my heart was set on it. Crafted Furniture was the only place that was able to provide that, although when I first called to ask for a sample of their fabrics in Khaki, the sales person on the phone had no idea what colour I was talking about. I should of taken that as a sign.

Our lounge was ready for delivery, they are based in Sydney and we are on the Northern Rivers. They wanted to charge $1000 for delivery. I ended up organising myself for $400.

The lounge finally arrived. It had 2 very noticeable white lines on the fabric. I took photos and contacted Crafted Furniture. The backwards and forwards between them and I was a joke. Try this, try that, they sent me a cleaning product which didn't work. Then they wanted me to post the cover back. It all got too hard so I ended up paying myself to have it cleaned as I couldn't cope with them any more.

For an $11,000 lounge I expect perfection, maybe I'm fussy but it's an expensive lounge, I've never spent this much before. To me details are everything. Loose threads, the seams on the back of the cushions in my opinion should all line up but they don't. It's like a craft project.

Lastly the cushions you sit on, on the single seater and the chaise are forever sliding off after you have been sitting on them. Might not sound like a big deal but I've never had this happen to any other lounge I've owned. I'm going to add some velcro to stop this.

Yes, I love the look and colour of the lounge but do I recommend? Nope.

All the art and lamps in this picture we have owned for years.


When I spotted the timber planter at Bodhi Living, I had to have it. She is a beauty.

The clay pendant light's from Bisque Traders are like nothing I have ever seen. It was one of the first things we bought for the build. We have 6 of these (2 in the lounge room, 2 in the kitchen, 2 in the fire place room)

I didn't want fancy ceiling fans, I didn't want to take away from the pendants or the ceilings. We decided on the Trinity Fans from 360fans. Affordable and big performers. Can not recommend enough.


Here's a list of the stores