Our Pool & Cabana

pool full view

One of the #musthaves for our build was a pool & cabana. We wanted a place we could entertain and relax after a big day of demanding work in our garden and maintaining our property.

We wanted a resort style feel, and we think we achieved that.

On the left near the shower, we installed an infrared sauna, and, on the right, we have an outdoor toilet.

We designed the pool with a ledge/platform for Maui as she gets older so she can still come in and cool down and we have always loved pools with a ledge.

We were going to have a saltwater pool; Mike and I have never liked chlorinated pools then it was suggested if we wanted a mineral/magnesium pool and that is what we decided. Nothing like soaking those sore muscles. Highly recommend.

An outdoor shower was a fantastic addition, our plumber kindly made this for us.

We used some of our existing furniture together with a couple of new purchases.

The very first thing I bought for our house was the amazing daybeds, every time a do a post on Instagram my messages blow up.


pool full view

I bought these beauties from Bisque Interiors at Bangalow. I am going to answer all the questions I get asked

  1. Are they worth the money?
    Hell yes, not only do they look good they are so comfortable. Only warning is once you lie down you do not want to get up
  2. Are they easy to clean?
    Sure are, we just give them a hose. I sometimes use a mild soapy water.
  3. Do you keep them under cover?
    They do come with a cover which we have never used. They are under cover, but it is not really protected from the rain or dust. They are made for outdoors.

They are worth it.

The only other item we bought is the giant pot for our palm everything else we already had.

Thank you for all your love on social about this space that we just love.

  • Builder LPS Built
  • Architects Rama
  • Pool Vivid Outdoors
  • Pool Fence Glass Pool Fencing Queensland
  • Daybeds Bisque Interiors Bangalow
  • Large pot Bodhi Living Byron Bay